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Start Ups changed the economic landscape of the world some years ago. It favoured the next generation.... new apps, digital economy, creativity, self employment, and a change of process, including working from a single station across the world.  It favoured economy of expression, space, costs, infrastructure, travel. insurance and the range associated with multinationals.

The system intended was misunderstood, as governments promised money to young entrepreneurs who cat their pitch across  Money lended became a fast trap, where digital crashes and thefts occured and growth overlapped. Courts were needed, but the law offices were not prepared for IP or consumer issues in the new structure.

Center for Wellness, came up in 2010, and became a start up after IAO verified it in 2014.  It has used technical secure services as Amazonto develop course books, and launched its courses on Eliademy , a platform from Nokia in Finland for digital education. Courses were authorized from ISTE and quality assured.

The Spa courses belong to a technical system called National Occupational Standards, which provide a framework for competencies. They cover Laser therapy, Shiatsu and Sports massage.  Students read the entire course before enrolling and appear for an examination that is based on field work submission and question answers.

Center for Wellness, has not borrowed money. Rather it has faced escalating theft necessitating litigation. It is a Start Up still moving well, in its technical skills to manage own Seo and rank on KLOUT.

Now the author has featured as top expert in all these sciences on Klout. Asians and Africans can have secure and reliable online training for their wellness needs.

In addition the author manages several wordpress blogs to encourage outreach and structure to be visible. One is

The project provides 30% commission to sellers, and gives scope for students to manage group training facilitation later.

It supports freelance promotions via various start up portals as Fiverr, and manages creative design via top apps as Canva.

From India, the project has been a comprehensive and stable model to contend with, especially in its growth through digital rank.