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Celebrating Saints and their passage for humans the Alternative Way.

>Mother Teresa visited Kolkata from Europe to effect a transition that was unparalleled in its example of managing the fundamental human right to dignity. She picked up old people dying helplessly in the gutter, restored them and taught them to die with dignity that was fit for humans, before the world.

She picked up orphans, invalids and spas tics, and set them up for adoption, where couples from around the world that were childless could bless their homes with child.

Her message as a saint  -Where God has trusted his child soul to you to care for, you must fully manage the responsibility with love.

She also said, to remember to love your family, or you will be born again as an Orphan.

The alternative way, was established by the doctrines of China, respected and practised through World Health Organization.  It now supports 65% of the World, but faces competition from medical communities and processes.

The Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal medicine, by Huang Di, has raised a vast, immeasurable culture of healing through natural systems and knowledge of the secrets of the human body, longevity and immortality. The discussions, associations, channels and streams set up from this great classic engages millions who strive for perfection and divinity in their human lives. The traditions of Tai Chi, Zen, Ki aikido, martial arts, spas, acupuncture and related are intricately connected to modern systems called Asian bodywork and TCM based healing.  These systems have moved forward through the contributions of many Masters, sages and Teachers.

>Saints must be continually celebrated as they bring great examples, lessons and channels for humans to exist, repair their lives and blossom. They have existed in great numbers over aeons in time. Some have been forgotten and their teachings burried. Some have continued to guide chosen people in their communities and lives.

The ebb and flow of the Alternative way  continues to propel humanity and life forward into Gods lap. Blessed are those that  practise and persevere in life s alternative county.  Seize the Day. Seize this Way

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