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Review the Instructions, Break off the Method // Revisa las Instrucciones, Rompe el Método

 Review the Instructions, Break off the Method //  Revisa las Instrucciones, Rompe el Método

   Fotografía: Michal Macku

I love to read the instructions for use of electronic devices.

If I have to go through 523 steps to make the device work and when I finish it doesn’t function correctly, no problem. I return back to step 1 and start again. I've always had a lot of patience.

About fifteen years ago a friend of mine told me: "Do you realize Mamen what that means?".

I replied, "Yes, I have made a mistake in any of those 523 steps".

My friend said: "Noooo... You grab the method to evade responsibility for errors".

WOW! I stayed poker faced, but I got the idea. 😉

Life certainly has no instructions and therefore improvisation is one of the values ​​to be considered. We constantly improvise, as actors in a theater on a huge stage with another supporting actors entering and leaving, and interacting with us. As in the best Broadway productions, we have a varied repertoire of masks depending on who we associate in the stage of Life.

No script. No instructions.

Sometimes after years using an electronic device, someone tells you about a functionality you didn’t know and somehow it facilitates your work. It happens the same in Life. Over the years each of us have been developing our own instructions and sometimes the experiences of another person can facilitate you new and easy tips.

Let's go back to my friend years ago. Another of these comments/gifts he gave me was: "Mamen, stop thinking and start feeling".

My methodical answer was: "And how is that done?? How many steps must I take to get it?”.

A lot of laughs by both of us. 😂

Fortunately during that time I have discovered (and I'm still discovering) my own stunts to get it, and I listen to my guts more than to my mind. It is another way of living, another way of being on stage, and certainly that’s my choice!

Reality now writes my “Life instructions” with such precision and such a sense that I could not find a better scriptwriter. Although sometimes my tiny human mind comprehends that sense days, months or even years later.

I don’t fight against Reality any more and I love that feeling, like a little girl who never stops learning.

Trusting. Enjoying.


Me encanta leer las instrucciones de uso de los aparatos electrónicos.

Si tengo que seguir 523 pasos para que un aparato funcione y cuando termino de seguirlos no funciona, no pasa nada. Regreso de nuevo al paso número 1 y vuelta a empezar. Siempre he tenido mucha paciencia.

Hace unos quince años un amigo me comentó: “¿Te das cuenta Mamen de lo que eso supone?”. 

Respondí: “Sí, que me he equivocado al realizar alguno de los 523 pasos”.

Mi amigo: “Noooo… Supone que te agarras al método para intentar evadir la responsabilidad de equivocarte”.

¡Toma ya! Me quedé con cara de póker pero comprendí la idea. 😉

Sin duda la Vida no tiene instrucciones de uso y por lo tanto la improvisación es uno de los valores a tener más en cuenta. Improvisamos continuamente, como actores en un teatro con un escenario enorme en el que entran y salen otros actores de reparto con los que tenemos que interactuar. Al igual que en las mejores producciones de Broadway, tenemos un variado repertorio de máscaras según con quién nos relacionemos en el escenario de la Vida.

Sin guión. Sin instrucciones.

En ocasiones, después de estar años utilizando un aparato electrónico aparece alguien y te habla de una funcionalidad que desconocías y que te facilita de alguna manera tu trabajo. En la Vida ocurre lo mismo. Cada uno va elaborando con los años sus propias instrucciones y a veces las vivencias de otra persona te facilitan trucos interesantes para ti.

Volvamos a mi amigo del principio. Otro de los regalos en forma de comentario que me hizo fue: “Mamen, deja de pensar y empieza a sentir”. 

Y mi metódica respuesta fue: “Y eso, ¿cómo se hace?? ¿Qué pasos tengo que seguir para conseguirlo?”.

Carcajada general por parte de ambos. 😂

Por suerte en este tiempo he descubierto y sigo descubriendo mis propios trucos para conseguirlo, y escucho más a mis vísceras que a mi mente. Es otra forma de vivir, otra manera de estar en el escenario, y sin duda ¡me quedo con ella!

La Realidad escribe ahora mis “instrucciones de Vida” con tal precisión y con tal sentido que no podría encontrar mejor guionista. Aunque a veces mi pequeñita mente humana comprenda ese sentido días, meses o incluso años después.

Ya no lucho contra la Realidad y me encanta esa sensación, como una niña pequeña que no deja de aprender.

Confiando. Disfrutando.

Mamen 🐝 Delgado 15/5/2016 · #12

#11 1. Find two free hours to watch the film. 2. Prepare a popcorn bowl (also accepted any other version of bowl, as you like) and nice drink. 3. Nice company. 4. And finally enjoy it!! 5. And, this is really the finally, when it's over please tell me if you like it! 🎥

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Ken Boddie 15/5/2016 · #11

Thanks for the movie tip, @Mamen Delgado. I just tracked down the trailer on YouTube. Looks good. Must watch the whole movie later. Tell me, does it come with any instructions before viewing? 😊#9

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Mamen 🐝 Delgado 15/5/2016 · #10

#4 #5 I feel really happy about this opportunity to write in English, not only speak the language what I do not so often as I would like. And for me it’s another of the huge advantages about beBee, that provides us the opportunity to get in contact with a vast bee community in the world, just for fun. So far, so close. ;) So really happy to be here sharing a little bit of my time with you. Have a lovely day you both! 🌺

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Mamen 🐝 Delgado 15/5/2016 · #9

#3 #6 Eyyy @Ken Boddie thanks SO MUCH for the digital flowers!! I can feel the fragrance… So kind of you! And about instructions, I must say I’m not the one I used to be, luckily!!!! 😂 And sometimes I also take the “dive right in and play” method. But now I like to read them when I’ve been using whatever it is for a couple of weeks, for example, so I got the basics using the device and it’s easy to improve the use. Anyway, I always think there are many little and big advantages I miss because I don’t know them, so it’s simply great when I get a new one! Have you seen the film “Lost in Translation”? With brilliant Bill Murray. Similar to the sign in the station in Japan… Hope you were not in a hurry!! 😉

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Mamen 🐝 Delgado 15/5/2016 · #8

#2 Thanks for commenting @Qamar Ali Khan, so sweet of you! Yeah, death stops everything, so we better pay great attention, feel fully alive and enjoy the ride. We are still breathing!!! ;) Have a wonderful week! 😘

Javier 🐝 beBee 15/5/2016 · #7

#6 it would be great if beBee's platform would be able to translate, but i think no software can translate your intelligent writing for the moment !!! It would be great , isn'it?

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Ken Boddie 15/5/2016 · #6

Ok, thanks for the info @Javier Cámara Rica, and perhaps @Mamen Delgado deserves to be applauded for initiative and, at the very least, given a bunch of digital flowers? 👏 🌹🌹🌹 #5

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Javier 🐝 beBee 15/5/2016 · #5

#4 @Ken Boddie, I think @Mamen Delgado's buzzes are great because of that. She has been the firt one to create a multi-lingual buzz. The english&spanish buzzes are great. They can target the two most important languages in the world ( with the permission of chinese ). For example , Remember that the US will be the first spanish speaking country in few years, and spanish is growing faster that english. Definitely a mixed english and spanish buzz is simply GREAT ( but one needs time :)

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