The future of Oracle Siebel 2017? In the clouds

The future of Oracle Siebel 2017? In the clouds

In my home country there is a common saying that goes like this: “there’s no two without three”. This year I attended Oracle Open World for the third time and e-Up thanks the Siebel team for having us at their annual San Francisco Cab meeting to present, in 10 minutes, our e-Tools solution and its latest innovations.

I have been active as an IT media analyst for quite a long time now, even before I started my journey with CRM consultancy back in 2003 and surely before my entrepreneurial journey with e-Up. For this reason, and because I find it more relevant to discuss strategy and vision rather than reporting only a few facts (slides) that you can find also on other sources, this third time I will focus on a thorough analysis of what the future of Siebel looks like to me, having had also the "privilege" of experiencing first-hand the development process of Siebel CRM. This of course represent my personal opinion and vision, but during all this time and during all the Oracle events I have constantly tested the pulse of the market and gathered feedback from both customers and partners about the current scenario and also what was presented at last Oracle Open World 2016 in terms of preview for IP2017.

As all the information and analysis I will present is also the basis for our business decisions, I think it’s important for the entire market to have a clear understanding of what is going on internally in the Siebel world, and that’s what I feel as a duty to share after years of advocacy. It has not been an easy task to put all this together, but I tried structuring the contents in a sort of chapters to simplify the reading.

So, grab a tea or a coffee and sit comfortable, because I think this could be the ultimate and definitive analysis on the future of Siebel.

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