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Interview with Achievers worldwide

Interview with Achievers worldwide

I'm on an exciting journey to write my book Achievers - a thousand ways to success and fulfillment. 
Sometimes it is good to take a breather and look where you have come from. 

Since February 2016, I have interviewed 32 achievers from different walks of life, from 11 countries, living and working on 5 continents: Africa, America, Australia, Asia, Europe.

I get so many valuable insights in every interview - it's like a customized MBA program. I'm looking forward to sharing the knowledge with you on this platform, on and on Twitter @achieverscoach

Many more conversations with achievers are planned in the near future. What lies ahead is exciting.

Amir Mostame (Iran) - Engineer, Refugee on Manus Island -

Anais Sägesser (Switzerland) – Co-founder Stridelearning, unSchool for Entrepreneurial Leadership -  

Bev Butkow (South Africa) – Artist, Accountant -

Bonnie Marcus (USA) - Coach, Keynote Speaker, Author -

Brent Barnes (USA) - Entrepreneur, Athlete -

Clive Butkow (South Africa) - Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Mentor -

Dan Kuschell (USA) - Growth Partner of Joe Polish and Genius network – ,,,

Dave Scott (USA) - 6X Ironman World Champion, Coach -

Deno Hewson (New Zealand) - Climber, Diver, Leadership Expert -

Diane Flynn, (USA) - Founder of Reboot Incubator -

Dr. Phil Davidson (USA) - Orthopedic surgeon, Entrepreneur, Researcher, Teacher -

Dr. Sean Richardson (Canada)- Psychologist, Coach, Entrepreneur

Dr. Stefan Metzker (Switzerland) - CEO, Entrepreneur, MD -

Elton Bondi, (South Africa) - Entrepreneur, Pilot -

Fabian Unteregger (Switzerland) - Comedian, MD, Pilot -

Gregory Burns (USA) - Artist, Athlete, Speaker -

Jambo Truong (UK) - Yoga Teacher -

Jane Anderson (Australia) – Personal Branding & Presentation Skills Expert -

John Mattone (USA) – Keynote Speaker, Leadership & Culture Transformation -

Jorge Coutinho (Portugal) - Executive Coach, Author, Speaker -

Lukas Schrank (UK) - Film Director, Designer, Animator -

Margie Warrell (Australia) - Coach, Speaker, Author –

Mark Allen (USA) - 6X Ironman World Champion, Coach, Author, Speaker -

Mark Levy (USA) – Positioning for Consultants and other thought leaders, Author -

Matt Langdon (Australia) - Founder of Hero Construction Company -

Moustafa Hamwi (United Emirates) -  Entrepreneur Coach, Inspirational Speaker & Adventurer -

Nathan Gold (USA) - Demo Coach -

Niki Seberini (South Africa) - Radio show host "chat with Niki" -

Scott Bedbury (USA) - Branding Expert -

Terry Inglese (Italy) – Educator

Torsten van Dullemen (Netherlands) - GM of Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

Vickie Saunders (Australia) - Sponsorship Expert -

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@Nick Mlatchkov - a great name. It is Stelvio, in the Alps, one of my favorite roads for cycling up-hill.

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I'd call the pic - The ROAD!

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