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The Greatness Guide: by Robin Sharma - A short review by @achieverscoach

The Greatness Guide: by Robin Sharma - A short review by @achieverscoachAbout the book

In the Greatness Guide, Robin S. Sharma is teaching powerful tools, tips and tricks how every person can become world class in their field and lead an extraordinary life. The book is composed of 101 personal stories of the author on personal leadership. Reading the book feels like having a conversation with the author.

Ideas that had the greatest impact

Nothing Fails like Success

The title of this chapter seems very counterintuitive. Why should success fail? As a Lean Manager I find it the most challenging to work with people who have been with the company for a long time and have achieved outstanding results previously. In almost all cases those experts defend their position instead of putting their energy in continually improving their performance. From being a great asset for the company, soon they become the biggest obstacles in the change. By failing to continuously improve they become obsolete but are still protected by the leadership team due to their past performances. I include this important lesson in my coaching.

The Greatness Guide: by Robin Sharma - A short review by @achieverscoach

Your Days Define Your Life

Often we don’t realize that our days define our lives. As we live our days, we live our weeks, months and years. One day might seem as not much, but if we don’t do our best each day, we won’t create an extraordinary life.

Your Four-Minute Mile

The Greatness Guide: by Robin Sharma - A short review by @achieverscoach

This chapter taught me about how to challenge my personal assumptions and do things that I thought to be impossible. I completed an Ultra Marathon and I am planning to push my boundaries further.

Love Your Irritations

Irritations in life tend to make us angry. This chapter teaches you to embrace the irritations and use them to get better.

Be Wise, Early Rise

The Greatness Guide: by Robin Sharma - A short review by @achieverscoach

I have always been an early bird. I get up with ease and the mornings are my most productive time in the day. On the days I train before work I always feel highly productive. It is the days that I don’t do sports, that I felt that my morning routine wasn’t ideal. After reading this chapter I installed new elements to my morning routine on the days I don’t train. As a result I’m journaling, meditating, read self-development books or listen to podcasts.

No Ask, No Get

This is not a new lesson for me, but a very important one to hear over and over again. While working on my book, this attitude is very important. If I don’t ask I will never get interesting people as interview partners.


I’m recommending this book to any person who is interested in personal leadership. I believe that personal leadership is the basis for being able to coach other people.

Ideas, questions, concepts the book prompted


· How can I improve my morning routine?

· How can I make time to think?

· How can I grow leaders faster?

· How can I be more productive, relax and have more fun?


· You become your conversations: I am very careful who I spend time with.

· Protect your focus: I have realized that I need to protect my focus to become highly productive. I am ruthless when it comes to what kind of content I am reading, watching or listening to. I have stopped watching disturbing news that I cannot change.

Actions and practices

· Install a better morning routine on my training off days with journaling, meditation, reading and listening to podcasts

· Work in intense two hour bursts

· I turned-off all push notes to eliminate the distractions in my life

· I don’t use my phone/computer when I am spending time with my family

· Create bubbles of total focus in my weekly schedule for my most important projects.

The Greatness Guide: by Robin Sharma - A short review by @achieverscoach

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