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How to be your best at work

How to be your best at work

When someone asks "how is your work doing"? Do you say any of the following? 






If you can remember saying any of the above, then this message is for you!

Each of the above are reflections of how we each may feel at times about our work. The problem with feelings is that they are pesky and fickle! Feelings are susceptible to being up one minute then down the next. Just like you can be hungry one minute then satisfied the next - if you are not careful, feelings can lead you down the wrong path.

If we approached each day whereby we simple acted based on our feelings, we would be all over the place, never accomplishing anything truly challenging or requiring enduring commitment. 

If you want to succeed at work (and in life), you need to rely on something more enduring and stable than your feelings. The best leaders keep their teams focused on the most reliable thing of all - purpose. If you can know your purpose and act on it, you'll be inclined to do what's necessary to achieve important goals - regardless of how you feel. Those pesky and fickle feelings will lose their power over you.

This week, I read a true news story about a scuba diver who was stranded twenty kilometres out in the open ocean. His boat had drifted off its mooring and when he had surfaced, the boat was nowhere to be seen. Twenty kilometres from shore and in wild open ocean (alone), is a terrifying idea. Quite amazingly, the man swam the twenty kilometres to shore... arriving back to the beach at 3 am. This is clearly a superhuman feat that leads you to ask, how could anyone maintain their composure and stay alive?

Can you imagine how this man would have felt? I can only guess that he must have felt:

extreme cold





So what can we learn from this incredible story?

Do you think the diver would have been able to endure the long swim to shore if he listened to his feelings? Unlikely! Yes, he would have been scared and tired and likely all the other feelings, but to complete a twenty kilometre swim at night would have required him to be fully committed to his purpose which was "staying alive"!

In such a situation it's clear that there is little benefit in wasting energy - especially on pesky and fickle feelings. 

The problem is that at work, during "less dramatic circumstances", it's difficult to see how our emotions can rob us of our focus on what's valuable. Because of this, it's easy to allow our feelings to rule into our everyday work. We can start to listen to those pesky and fickle little feelings that can steal our energy. Energy that would be better directed at things that matter! 

For this reason - it's better to take your feelings 'off the throne' and instead, put up something more worthy - your purpose - the why - the reason you do what you do... No matter what your purpose - your family, your wealth, your community, your self-development, your company, or survival.... what matters is that you set your priority above your pesky and fickle little feelings. 

When you can do this, you can be fuelled on purpose and create your own epic tale of adventure!

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