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The only rule for those who break the rules

The only rule for those who break the rules

This century you will, without a doubt, be blown away by the changes in all areas of your life! Let's face it, we're living during a time that will be characterised by our society's obsession with change. The point is that you and I must decide if we're going to follow other people's ideas for change or stand up for what we believe and the future we want for our companies, industries, communities.

For this reason, developing your capability to 'buck the trend' and lead change is the MOST relevant and essential skill today. However, before you go and get a rebel tattoo, you must accept one truth about being a change maker.

The ONLY RULE for those who break the rules

It's impossible to be a rule follower and a rule maker at the same time!

Following existing rules only further strengthens their dominance and control. If you want to buck the trend, be different and be a change leader, you will need to accept that you will be required to do the unthinkable be a non-compliant rule breaker.

We each need to unlearn our compliant industrial-era mindset and learn to be a rebel or as I say, explore the frontier. Actions are relatively 'easy' to change - we don't have that much invested in specific tasks or behaviours. Where most of us struggle is the mindset of 'going against the grain' and breaking the existing rules. Let's face it; nobody wants to be an outsider. This timidness to be different is exactly the problem! Is your "nice, quiet, timid and compliant mindset" holding you back? For most of us, the answer is YES! Holding on to a 'last century mindset' can rob you from being your best and succeeding in our change-obsessed world. 

Take for example Uber. Imagine if, instead of disrupting whole taxi industries, the founders of Uber were too timid to buck the trend and in the process get some cabbies off-side. We most certainly would