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What's your leadership cadence?

What's your leadership cadence?

Watch any sport and you'll quickly be swamped with statistics about players' performance. Measuring performance helps keep teams focused on the right areas of development. However, when it comes to leadership it's not all that easy to track and measure performance. 

Why is that? 

Well, one of the key reasons is that leadership is context dependent. What is effective leadership in one situation (context) may be terrible in another! But there is one measurement of leadership that transcends differing contexts - it's measuring the level of action taken to enact your purpose or achieve a goal. This level of action is also called cadence.

Leaders must be able to effectively connect actions with their purpose or goals. Many leaders fail to do this because they have low action cadence. Just like sports people who develop the right cadence for their sporting discipline, so must leaders master their leadership action cadence.

Leadership cadence is "the level of action taken to enact your purpose". 

To help leaders achieve this, I have developed a targeted online leadership development course called Mastering Leadership Cadence. I'm really excited about the course and I hope you don't mind me sharing some details about it below! 

Be great!

- Marcel

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