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Why you don't get what you want

When you were at school, what subjects did you study? Maths, Science, History... do these sound familiar? So, which of these subjects truly 'set you up for success' in adult life? Ouch! Yes, like me - it's hard to look back and clearly see how what were taught at school helped us to tackle adult life with confidence. Why is that?

The problem is that what schools teach us and what adult life 'throws at us' is misaligned. Here is why...

School leads us to believe that adult life is fair, stable, sequential and one where 'the most studious' are rewarded. Because school is structured in this way, it's reasonable to expect that adult life would be the same, right? Wrong!

Of course, as we all know, adult life can be:

- completely unfair;

- unstable;

- constantly changing;

- filled with random moments of unplanned opportunity; and

- encounters with people who get what they want simply because 'they can'!

While a select few can create the future they want, the majority of people wonder why they struggle to create the outcomes in their industry, at work or even in their family.

The fact is we live in a world that is fast changing and often chaotic. It's an environment that few of us have ever received the right preparation. It's no wonder we struggle to simply 'survive' let alone hope to 'thrive' in our fast-changing world! Many of us are like 'corks, bobbing around on the open ocean', overwhelmed by the massive waves of change. Being pushed, left, right, up and down - out of control. There is no fun in that!

On the other hand, the people who create the future they want are 'wave creators'. They have acquired the knowledge and skill-set to create waves of influence at work, in their community or even in their family.

How do you become a wave creator?

To thrive, people require a mindset that is 'change enabled'. A mindset that can expand outwards in response to change - not contract inward from fear. You must be equipped with the natural instinct of a frontier explorer who feels at ease when exploring new ideas, opportunities and despite not knowing all the details, is prepared to take action.

I've been studying those leaders who embody this mindset. I have worked out what makes them so successful and able to thrive at change. To share these mindset insights with you, I've written a book that codifies and simplify exactly how y