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4 Rules to Make Magento Technical Support Team Great and Customers Pleased

4 Rules to Make Magento Technical Support Team Great and Customers Pleased

Operating in the Magento space for more than a decade we have learned quite a few things when it comes to both developing and supporting Magento projects. We want to share our experience and more specifically, 4 rules to follow to have an efficent and satisfied support team.

There is an issue: a lot of IT specialists feel a technical support developer job is not a good job. It is usually regarded as being on the lowest step of the career ladder — as if it is a position for those who don’t have enough knowledge and experience to be a professional and work on something that is important for real.

It’s not true, not even close. For sure, the ability to do well in this job and to enjoy depends to a certain extent upon our personalities, skills, and attitudes. By the example of how technical support is organized at Scandiweb — a company that has worked on developing advanced e-commerce solutions on Magento platform for The New York Times, Lego, L’oreal, and many others — we have found the whys and wherefores of working in a technical support team. If you like, you may also use it as a guidance on how to make Magento support great for both, team and clients.

Magento Support rule #1: Being efficiently fickle and not getting bored

Technical support is a great place for people who are comfortable working in a fast-paced, dynamic environment — everything here says “no” to boredom, stagnancy, and low productivity. If you work as a technical support developer, you don’t get a project — you have a list of projects and different types of tasks, and you have to choose and switch between them, depending on priorities and available resources. Most usual it takes no longer than 16 hours of an actual work to get a task done, and so you get to work on something new almost everyday.

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