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Best SEO practices in eCommerce - 2019 guide

Best SEO practices in eCommerce - 2019 guide

Speaking in terms of ROI, Organic Traffic along with Email marketing are the two most efficient in-bound marketing channels for eCommerce businesses across the industry. This is not a secret, hence competition is fierce.

In spite of the perpetual heralding of SEO's decline, businesses worldwide leverage the opportunities granted by SEO as a foundation for their business efforts, employing organic traffic as the core of their business strategy and finding success. This has worked before and continues to work today.  

SEO's reach extends to all facets of your current and potential customer's digital experience and should enhance every step of their journey and buying cycle. Expand your reach, improve conversions, and grow your business by unlocking the full organic potential of your site.

Do just that with the following guide, which offers a peek at a holistic SEO strategy employed by Scandiweb's Growth team​ to much success. Complementing the guide are two case studies of on-going Scandiweb clients that demonstrate the power of well-done SEO. The first focuses on technical SEO. The other exemplifies best practices regarding content SEO.

You can invest a lot of time and effort into crafting unique and interesting content based on carefully picked keywords, and support it by backlinks from authoritative website, however, one missed code line can lead to the situation that crawlers can’t access content or can’t index that. 

A proper Technical SEO setup won’t get you more traffic but will ensure that search engine crawlers can access your unique content, index it, and rank as high as it deserves. 

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