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Rapid emergence of Increasing urbanization,vehicular pollution,dust and construction has led to an increase in pollutants in the air and as a result the air is not safe for breathing as it results in increase in allergic cases and respiratory problems.The pollutants and allergens in the air are more dangerous for indoor air compared to outdoor air as believed by many people.This has led to the need for more people to invest in air purifiers to be able to reduce the effects of this pollutants and allergents..The arising question comes when you have to select an air purifier that will be the most beneficial to all your purifying needs.

Factors to consider when selecting an air purifier

Coverage Area: This is the area that you want the air purifier to purify at a certain frequency.Selecting a smaller purifier for a larger room is not beneficial as it does not fully purify the air.

Air changes per hour (ACH)rating: This is the rating that shows how many changes per hour the air purifier is supposed to make for purification of the air.It is usually set to 5 times an hour by manufacturer but is subject to change from different manufacturers

Noise: Some noise purifiers produce noise while they undertake the activity of purification.This noise might be considered irritating and therefore one must be able to determine the noise that the air purifier will make and thus one should be able to check the noise level before making a purchase.

Pre-filter: One should be able to verify if the air purifier has a prefilter and if it is cleanable or can be vacuumed.Pre-filters protect the air purifiers filters form large objects that have been removed from the air by the air purifier.

Ozone emission: Always check to ensure that the air purifier does not produce ozone emissions and if it does it is very low.This emissions might cause respiratory problems if they are not handled immediately as they affect the lungs.

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) rating: This is a rating that enables various air purifiers to be grouped in certain groups according to their availability to remove pollutants and allergens like pollens in the air.

Warranty: One should be able to select an air purifier that has a long warranty as this is an almost sure test that the product will be able to tackle most of what it advertises and it is of quality.Warranty to be accepted should not be less than 3 years.Some air purifiers come with a life warranty.

Pollutant to be cleared: Knowledge of whatever pollutant is needed to be cleared from the air helps in the choice of air purifier.Different pollutants require different filters for the purification of air.All