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How And Why Zona Azul Digital Is The Best Parking Approach in São Paulo?

How And Why Zona Azul Digital Is The Best Parking Approach in São Paulo?

São Paulo has created the system that purchases credits or books the parking area for the Zona Azul by their smartphones. With the help of this system, drivers park their vehicles, see the code on blue zone board of a particular block, and fill the required data with their license plate. Now it is also possible to buy those credits in advance at the traditional outlets, like newsstand and bakeries. When the time runs out, the app itself warns drivers to load more time if they need without having to go to their vehicles. The payment of these credits gets automatically debited from driver’s credit card.

Sometimes, stopping vehicles in the Zona Azul becomes a pain. It is not about the prices that need to be paid, but the lack of practicality of that system. Drivers need to carry the receipts in their glove compartments, and the one who is not able to do that, have to run to the bakery, newsstand, or nay electronic meter to purchase a ticket before the agent passes.

But São Paulo comes with a solution of all these parking issues. They made public calls to the companies who are interested in the sale of digital credits to drivers for parking in the blue zone. This system enables the drivers to get parking time by the mobile app when they park their vehicles or even buy it in advance. Lastly, spend those credits as the car leaves.

There were some issues that discussed before the deployment of this system. Because of the ability to extend the validity of the parking time completely contradict the blue zone parking principle which provides a particular time slot for everyone at a defined time.

São Paulo created some special parking regions in the busy commercial areas because of two reasons: to promote the proper rotation of vehicles and to take complete advantage of the people’s demand for the large parking space.

With the traditional system, drivers used to have the limited access to the parking areas. As the Zona Azul sheets limit the parking time from half an hour to three-four hours only, drivers were not able to take benefits even if they got a comfortable and nice place to stay the whole day. They were forced to leave that place at some point. At worst, they have to bear the discomfort of coming back to their vehicles and get the new sheet when their parking time runs out.

With the facility of digital parking, drivers have the possibility to extend their time within a few clicks of their smartphones. Now, it is possible to stay in any commercial area and leave the vehicle in the parking lot for all day. All they have to pay is R $ 5 for every hour. It may look a lot at very first, but there are several areas in the São Paulo where private parking lots charge double or even triple of this amount. For the drivers, this is a practical approach. But sometimes, this practice ends up being a problem for the private parking lots and for those drivers who manually look for the vacancy.

A digital solution of Zona Azul parking has captured the attention of many businesses and entrepreneurs. Companies are making their move in this field, as they know the fact that, with increasing demand, the potential is high here. Those who are interested, several smart cities initiatives, both off-street and on-street parking spaces have open space opportunities for them. At present, there are more than 40 thousand parking spaces of the type in a municipality. For parking in these vacancies, the vehicle drivers have to pay the fee of around $5.