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Top Basement Renovations That Increase Home Value

Top Basement Renovations That Increase Home Value

Top Basement Renovations That Increase Home ValueWhen you want to increase the value of your home through a basement renovation, it pays to know exactly what people in the home-buying market will look at and see as a good investment. Obviously, there are trends to consider, and the cost of each one can vary based on the current condition of your basement. Regardless, many of these renovations are key in selling a home, and if it has not been remodeled for decades, even the most basic improvements can make a big difference in the real estate market.

Turning a basement from a dungeon into a usable living space

When you have a basement that is full of standing water and always has a dark, murky appearance, it can be difficult to imagine it as a place to enjoy spending your time. However, even if the only goal of your basement renovation is to turn it into a utility room, a basic remodel that results in what real estate agents call a “semi-finished basement” must be accomplished, first. For example, getting the extra moisture under control will be the first step and could include sealing the walls as well as redirecting water on the outside of the home with drains or gutters. Once the room is watertight, the next step is to start creating the types of features that you were looking for in a basement renovation. This is also where the renovation possibilities are endless, and some home sellers will stop remodeling the basement at this point for this reason. Although it is not always the case, some home buyers appreciate having the option of doing their own renovations to a semi-finished basement.

Ensuring the space is child proof

Beyond bringing a dark and unusable basement into the realm of the semi-refinished world, the other renovation that looks appetizing to many prospective home buyers is having the basement child-proofed. This can include having a strong lock on the door to the basement, but other features that could be helpful include creating a more secure area for water heaters and HVAC units. Other potential hazards for children in basements include stairs with no side rails, poorly stored chemicals, exposed hot water or heating pipes, and electrical boxes that are within reach.

Opening the basement into the backyard

Anyone that already has a door that leads to the outside from their basement can easily open up the backyard to their home. Although it is not always possible to install more windows, the door can be changed to allow more outside light into the basement. The outside stairs leading away from the basement can often be widened and re-outfitted with decorative masonry to create more of a patio effect. One of the advantages to this type of remodel for potential homebuyers is that this type of renovation can create the ideal environment for anyone that likes to throw backyard parties, but does not want strangers roaming around the upstairs of the house. In these cases, adding an extra bathroom to the basement as well as kitchenette facilities completes the party room environment.

Modern homes are not TV-dominated

In the past, the kitchen was not far from the living room, and the living room always had a TV going on full-blast. However, these days, everyone has their own TV on their phones or laptops, and they would prefer not to have to listen to yours. In other words, the modern home tends to be a place that always has at least a few rooms to enjoy media without disturbing others. For this reason, when someone wants to dominate one room to specifically watch TV for movies or a sports event, they may need to be isolated in order not to disturb others. In this example, one of the best solutions is to turn the basement into a home theater. This helps to sell the home because the potential buyers know there will be a place for noise and lots of places for being able to concentrate on their phones without the TV dominating the center of the home.

Doing a basement renovation is a good way to increase the value of your home. Do the research and learn what the home-buying market wants and decide what choices will work best for you. Whether it’s basic improvements or a total overhaul, there’s sure to be increased value in your home.

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