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Live Your Purpose Right Now, Without Going Too Crazy

Live Your Purpose Right Now, Without Going Too Crazy

This one simple technique will help you figure out your purpose... without going totally crazy.

I remember like it was yesterday. The day I figured out … A few years back I had just really started to hit my stride at my job. Then they changed my boss. Then two months later they changed who I would report to again. And the whole time sales were going up and business was good. Then new-new boss wanted me to change focus, and sell to different clients, basically to switch divisions. I didn’t agree. It also felt like a demotion.

I guess I wasn’t humble enough; I guess I didn’t consider how good I had it. But I knew that I wasn’t supposed to do THAT… So I talked to some mentors, I read more books, I looked at options, I started to evaluate everything.

Finally, I joined a mentor and started to help build his business. It was going well, yet I felt It could never be my main business. So I tried something else.  It didn't work. Then I tried something else, failed.  And tried again. I NEEDED to figure out what I was supposed to do. 

 Supposed to do? What does that even mean?

We all have things we are supposed to do. Yet, too often we search for them and never figure it out. It is shame.

Yet, once you figure it out, everything makes more sense, and you know. If you stop trying though, you will never know.

When you figure out your purpose, the next step is to figure out how to get there. It was a great day, the day I figured out that in order to do anything I am supposed to do, I better learn to write.

We should all be able to figure it out, you can figure it out.

One way to figure it all out is to write and to keep writing and then take action. Writing and doing (taking actions) are the two things that helped me get on the right path and will help you too.

When someone says something, they usually have a reason. The reason is usually a story. When someone writes something, they usually have a reason. The reason is usually a story. Stories are how we define our lives and give meaning to our experiences.

To really get to know someone, you need to understand the story behind the face, the story that creates the actions and thoughts.

Sometimes telling our story is difficult. That is why writing it down needs to become a habit. When we tell our stories we heal and we learn. We learn to appreciate and understand. We read what other people write, we