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by Dr Margaret Aranda

For all Beez at ~ My Gift to You

(If used, please Reference: Courtesy of #DRMARGARETARANDA)


🍯 Author Name           __________________*

Book Information:

Who you Are:                                  20 words or less.

Your Photo:                                     Attach Passport style pic, head & shoulders.

Book Cover Image:                        Attach high resolution, if possible.

Book Trailer Video:                        Attach, placed on YouTube, if possible.

Book Title:                                       __________________*

Publisher:                                        __________________

ISBN #:                                             __________________

No. of Pages:                                  __________________

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beBee Profile Page:                        __________________

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Other:                                                __________________

🍯 Interview:

”Hi Author! Please tell us a little bit about yourself and why you wrote this book.”

Your Name Here*:

“Author, Is there a message in your book/novel/memoir that you want readers to grasp? Tell us in 20 words or less, please!”

Your Name Here*:

“Author, What is your best advice for other writers who want to write a book?

Your Name Here:

“Author, What kinds of marketing techniques have you used for selling your books? Which ones have been most successful?

Your Name Here:

“Author, please give us all your social media contacts, especially where we can find and purchase your books:

Your Name Here: This will be filled in with the information you provided above.

“Author, so why should we buy your book?”

Your Name Here:

“Author, what important advice do you have for struggling teens and youth in high school?”

Your Name Here:

“Author, do you have a special place where you write?”

Your Name Here:

“Author, what are your current projects that we should know about?”

Your Name Here:

“Author, do you have a favorite charity or activism organization(s) that you embrace because of your drive to write this book? How can others help in your cause?”

Your Name Here:

“Author, please leave us with an original ‘Quote’ that you have also authored due to your passions in this book.” 

(Note: also “Add Quote” to your Goodreads Profile)

Your Name Here:



* = Author Instructions:

Delete all '_______'s and replace with the information requested. No underlining, please. 

Delete "Your Name Here" and actually write in your Author Name, as you are answering the interview question. 


Brought to you in the spirit of love, Beez working together in harmony, and producing the sweetest honey of all🍯

#3 Ouch! How did they ever get to where they are? Living a lie? Can't phathom!

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Jim Lenihan 12/7/2016 · #3

You would be amazed just how many published CEOs can't answer all of these questions yet they are Influencers on LinkedIn.

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If you are an Author and would like to be Interviewed on my Blog (or anyone else's), please put your name here. I have 5 books ~ I'd like you to interview me. 🐝 All for One! 🐝

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Please note: I don't mind if we actually 'don't Share' for just a week or so, to give me time to 'catch up' before it goes to other Hives. Brain injury, you know. Please be patient with me. Thanks! 🍯

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