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Part IV: Give me your Pinterest & Share

by Dr Margaret Aranda

Take a look at the image, and see three things: the Sky, the Mountains, and the Village.  You get "3-in-1." 

It's the same thing with Pinterest.

Part IV: Give me your Pinterest & Share

Image 1. Pinterest: The Sky, The Mountains and The Village. Pinterest is a great avenue of photography, insight, awareness, activism, group therapy, ideas, imagination...and need I say any more? It's your "3-in-1 Special" all day, every day!  Photo Courtesy: Arteide.

So what has Pinterest done for you lately? If you're not 'Pinning,' it can't do a thing. You aren't even looking at the picture, as it is no where in view. Get a Pinterest account today! Post it below, too! And.....but..........But look more closely as you Pin!

But wait! Why am I asking you to make a Pinterest account now? Because you should already have a Facebook Page and a Twitter account, too.  And every time you Pin a "Pin,"  it can automatically send it out to FB and Tweet it too!  Just check off the boxes before you "Share" the Pin! You do like to Share, right? You taught your children how to Share, yes? Or someone taught you that Sharing is a good thing, right? To give is better than to receive.....

For on further inspection, doesn't The Village look like a Hive?

Part IV: Give me your Pinterest & Share

                   Image 2. The Unseen Unlocks Further Potential. And do I see life?  And life that is "More Abundant?" 

                   Photo Courtesy: Arteide.

*** And BTW, can we Share our Boards? Pins?  Uhmmmm.....Bzzzz....... Yes! So take a look at your Board. Are you a BuzyBee on Pinterest? Are you hogging all your Boards to Yourself, or are you sharing multiple Boards with multiple Beez

Because if you Pin to the sky, you can enjoy the view from the mountains (e.g., FaceBook). And when you Pin to the mountains, there's a gap that does not allow you to Pin to the village, also. It's formidable, and impossible. Virtually impossible. 

So what is the answer? 

  • Write anything that "Shares" with Pinterest. Or turn any website into "Pins" by using this. Or this.
  •  After you Post your article, "Share" with Pinterest first. Why?

  • This way, you share with The Clouds (i.e., Pinterest), 
  • The Mountains (i.e., Facebook), and 
  • The Village (i.e., Twitter).

Part IV: Give me your Pinterest & Share

Image 3. "The Hive" Tourist Attraction. Now that you've Shared here, there, and everywhere, just wait for all the tourists to arrive! And don't forget to talk to them; this is about relationships, Happy Beez, and 'engagement.' Photo Courtesy: Arteide. have the opportunity to help the honey be more sweet by sharing your Board with another Bee(s). Forgive me if I am wrong, but isn't that the point of the Hive? To share and produce, and make it sweeter with all of us 'worker-beez? '   Bzzzz!

You gotta love it!

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WILLIAM C. BALLARD II 21/4/2017 · #42

So much all crammed together, An epileptic will try to ignore,, but want to do more social media,, not alone though,, my eyes are plugged into a bleeding brain here, trying desperately with followers on bebee,, THE ATTEMPTS MADE ARE FUTILE FOR HELP, ,,, my gift painting now #417th painting will work. My paitings are examples to everyone, GRACE IS GIVEN AGAIN,,, GODBLESS

arturo gomez 25/7/2016 · #41

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#37 @Randy Smith: Yes! It's been real! Thank you for your support and kindness; you are so gracious and I am but a servant, you know. Wish you could join us for "Madness Memoirs"....... pretty please?

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#36 Sweetttt! Another Pinterest Bee! Yipee! Are you in on the "Madness Memoirs?" Please do Join! And then go to "Questions" once you are 'in'.....looking forward to learning more about you and food! Yum!

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Randy Smith 13/7/2016 · #37

A great post, @Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD. I haven't used Pinterest much but plan to use it more in the future. Thank you for explaining about sharing to Pinterest first, checking options to share with Facebook and Twitter as well. You were the first person with whom I shared several of my boards because we were (and still are) good friends and I knew that I could trust you in what you posted on my boards. I enjoy a lot of the pins which you have pinned to my boards. I have since shared a few of my boards with a small handful of other friends. By the way, I have visited your Pinterest wall over the past couple of years and have watched it grow and mature as well as providing more interesting, informational, helpful, encouraging, and entertaining pins. Well done, Dr. Aranda. I look forward to building further friendships and relationships and expanding my use of Pinterest.

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Louise Smith 11/7/2016 · #36

Hi @Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD, Here's my Pinterest Address I have 153 boards .

They are in broad categories of Dachshund, Chooks (Chickens), Ducks, Psychology, Planning, Pallets, Art, Craft, Jewellry, Quotes, Blog and MZ = Miscellaneous.

Pinterest is the first Social Media I used.
I really love it !
I don't have Facebook.

I searched you on Pinterest and found DR MARGARET ARANDA 165 boards
I couldn't find @medibasket.
You have some great boards and info on Mental Health. I like your general health and eating boards too.

I look forward to looking at your boards too @Franci Eugenia Hoffman @Gary Sharpe, @Anees Zaidi, @Lada Prkic, @CityVP Manjit ...
regardz Louise

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#33 Wow! So proud of yoU!

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