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Remembering the Marines

by Dr Margaret Aranda

Marine Cpt. Ryan Anthony Beaupre was affectionately characterized by family friend Patricia Gould as, "...the kind of kid you want your daughter to marry, you want your son to be." 

Remembering the Marines

 Video 1. Sung by Christian band NF, Breaking Benjamin; "Anthem of the Angels." Laid to rest after his honorable Memorial Service at St. Anne's, Cpt. Ryan Anthony Beaupre was 30 years old when he died. Hoping to make it back from Iraq to attend his sister's wedding, Cpt. Ryan Beaupre quit his accountant job to fly with the military. Now he flies with the Angels. Link to video: here.

Cpt. Ryan Beaupre was assigned to Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 268, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, Marine Corps Air Station, Camp Pendleton, California. He was a college graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University. Truly a Champion.

Killed in a March 21 CH-46E helicopter crash in Kuwait, he had the smile of apple pie, baseball, and hot dogs: and gave his All, making his life honorable and truly worth living. Representing all of those in Memorial, we honor him and provide this link for donations to Fallen Soldiers.  Please make sure that your family and friends of a Fallen Hero get this information, some free of cost: Project Never Forget, War Memorial Statue, Operation Thankful Nation, Charcoal Portraits of the Fallen, William E. Thompson: Photos from Iraq and more. 

In honesty, this Fallen Heroes Memorial website provides goods and services to any family of a fallen soldier. But I have found, much to my own chagrin, that some links are old and not updated, misleading the public. But that doesn't mean that we throw out the rest, and if you are interested in updating a Current Link or Page that benefits our Fallen Heroes, please go change it! Be a DOER!  In the meantime, Please first double check that any link here is legitimate, and then pass it on to a family member. I suggest you call, email, or contact each company first, so that the Fallen Soldier family has a true link for honor. Let's each do our part to make things better for all who gave Their All. Thank you.

Remembering the Marines

                                                        Image 1. Cpt. Ryan Beaupre. Thank you for remembering. 

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God Bless You all.

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#1 OH, how sweet that this resonates with you! As promised, I shall dedicate at least one Buzz a week to our Veterans. We don't need a holiday to remember them, as we should never forget them in the first place. To HONOR! To SERVE! OO-RAH! @Randy Keho

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OO-RAH! @Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD I am very familiar with Illinois Wesleyan University. My cousin and a friend from the neighborhood attended that school. I occasionally visited them while I was attending Western Illinois University. Cpt.Beaupre received a first-rate education before teaching others about service to their country.

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