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Step Outside

by Dr Margaret Aranda

Stirred along and spurred to imagination, from the encouragement of @Ali Anani, Ph.D. This is in dedication to him as my very first poem. He told me I could write poetry, and that has never been on my 'map.' So here's to some sweet honey as we continue to work together! 

In the USA, when someone says, "Step outside," or "Let's go step outside," watch out. You're in trouble, and this person wants to "duke it out" with you! These 'outside arguments' can lead to fist fights, especially outside of a Western bar in the John Wayne movies of old. In today's baseball games, the parking lots still have such arguments that sometimes lead to the murder of one fan by a fan of the 'other' baseball team. Such drunkard nonsense, such diminishment of human life. 

So I realize that after I wrote this piece, I needed to come back and provide more of an introduction, as I spent many years in the operating rooms of  LAC-USC Medical Center, providing anesthesia to patients with gun shot wounds (GSW) to the head, chest, and abdomen. Multiple GSWs were not uncommon. The "record" for a patient to go from the Emergency Room (E.R.) to the Operating Room (O.R.) was 12 seconds flat. There was one special elevator set aside for GSWs and "Red Blankets," the "R.B.s" ~ patients bleeding so much that they filled their clothes and the hospital gurney with blood, all red. Nothing but two drunken, or drugged eyeballs stuck out of a bloody head and a distorted bed that smelled of vomit and alcohol, and we were filled with dread. We were all still "in training," not used to his (and who would ever be?). 

And on Friday and Saturday nights when it was 100 degrees F in Los Angeles....we took a nap during the day. For surely, we would get string after string of R.B.'s, filling one OR after the other. And we stitched them up, kept them alive, and hoped and prayed that some day, they would go back to the high schools transformed ... and talk to the teens and youth about staying out of gangs. 

That was our hope, that's what we told ourselves, otherwise, how could we bear to 'fix' something that was so inhumane and seemingly, hopelessly...rotten? We kept our Hippocratic Oath

And on the artistic, lighter side of things, we transform the blood and guts to the tranquility of life...the motives, inspiration, and recovery of the negative. And we are stirred on to be transformed. 

Step Outside                                            Image: Courtesy, Ali Kamil Temizel's Photos. I entitle it "Sparks of Imagination."

Step Outside

by Dr Margaret Aranda

Go ahead and step

Outside your Comfort Zone

Imaginations await you

Yours, Unknown,

Waiting to be ignited.

If you fear,

Your body aches.

Begging and taunting,

It lays in failure's wait.

So have no fear

And Dare Every Day

To expand your horizons

In galactical ways.

You can Go Your Own Way

Be more than you are.

Develop the Negatives

And create a pot out of clay.


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#20 I totally admire all that you do...and goodness knows that when a problem is so big that we can't wrap our arms around it, we do need to focus on the most 'invisible' to get the 'cure' going. For without the 'curers' we would all be nowhere. So, hat's off to you! I put it all here:

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#19 Some people never 'get' this, right? It's our job to increase the awareness of our 'real' selves to who we think 'we' are....quite the introspective journey, and thank you. I do believe it takes "a special brand of daring."


#18 @Anees Zaidi, the man of the childhood garden, thank you. Such a compliment from you is one to behold, and I shall continue this pursuit with your encouragement. Thank you so much!

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#17 You got it. Very well said!

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Leckey Harrison 6/7/2016 · #20

#15 Burn patients were the hardest. You're correct, @Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD, that all staff need to be considered in any setting when it comes to trauma. Our nonprofit was designed to serve those that responded to a call, and it was a tough call to leave out the ER folk. Initially though it was designed to help volunteers only, as they have little to nothing in the way of support.

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Joel Anderson 6/7/2016 · #19

"So have no fear; And Dare Every Day"--Well done. Dare to be different, Dare to make a difference and take the necessary steps to mold your pot of clay. Bravo

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Anees Zaidi 6/7/2016 · #18

Dear @Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD your 'Poetry Brain's is as beautiful as your 'Story Telling 'brain. Keep producing. I simply love your this very first poem.

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CityVP 🐝 Manjit 6/7/2016 · #17

#16 Exactly Margaret - see the whole. Chief problem of healthcare is how it is divided into parts and then we look at the human body as parts also, Whether it is nurses, firefighters, police, techs, physicians or EMT's - they are all contributors to emergence - which is how I look at emergency.- and that point we truly "step outside".

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