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The Gift at Bay

 / by Dr Margaret Aranda /

Stirred up by Poet Hervé Sabattier, from his piece, Notre Bannière

Poem dedicated to Selim Yeniçeri

The Gift at Bay                Image 1. The Love that will Climb any Mountain and Slay any Dragon. Just to be with the one he loves.

This is the love that will climb any mountain, swim all the seas, just to be with the one that he loves. 

I thought it was a fantasy that can never be found below or above.

Just to be with me? No matter what the price to pay?

Is this just what men say?

Just to be with me and see the old courage in my eyes

Thinking the venomous sting shall wake me up to the skies

From the deep fog in my concave bed

 Guarded by the dragon beast, in my dreary head.

And the one true love 

Sent from heaven above will shine his eye's light on me

Sending sparks to my past and my becames,

Pulses through my veins.

No matter the magic before was just a dove

It was all okay to meet this moment of true love

Because some never feel it at all

Living too short or taking the fall.

So I shall bask in this mystery, this heaven on earth

And arise anew to another renewed birth

To all that lies ahead, questioningly no matter.

Give me my Sword, for I am ready to shatter all that does us no good.

And no matter what

No matter when, my friend,

No matter how or why or because,

I know I have met all that I dreamed.

And that shall stubbornly carry me on

Day to day and moment to tomorrow,

Basking in the brilliant purple nights

And shining in the orange sunset. 

So don't ever feel sorry for me

The one who sparks immediate pity

For being in a form that's been torn up and worn

For I have lived and loved in the life I was born.

~ Dr Margaret Aranda

Poem dedicated to Selim Yeniçeri

Inspired by Hervé Sabattier


July, 2016



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#17 Hence, my love, I came from far away on the other side of a traveling Hive, from a Buzz from above that all leads to love.....and then back again. I came back specifically to find you, only to find that you had found me, too! How did we do that? Did our words begat? Oh, for the soul to know the depths and lengths and heights of where we go next ~ to higher plights as love takes different forms and sights! Come along! Don't be long (...and I'll warn you to be strong!)!

Salma Rodriguez 4/8/2016 · #17

#15 Love you too, Margaret. All Romantic literature is good literature. I cannot miss any of it!

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#4 @Hervé Sabattier: Wondering and pondering on your literal romance, the dance of the French poet who unbeknowingst led Americans to savor his chivalry and wait for his delivery: a translation in English for disabled women to covet. When, fine sir, shall you have it? We wait with baited breath!


#10 #13 #4 #11 #14 You all overwhelm me with this romantic quest to discover the heart of romance. It isn't by chance that Dr @Ali Anani has many Buzzes about final answer that seemed to spart the heart is here, raw and unleashed: / I hope that gives you an idea. Let us know what you think, both here and there! Love to ya! All! Muaahhh!

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mohammed khalaf 29/7/2016 · #14

you honestly is poet

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@Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD- I love your poem.
This moved me as memories came back dancing in front of my eyes:
Because some never feel it at all

Living too short or taking the fall

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@Salma Rodriguez- one of my most discussed buzzes is on what is love. Even a second post failed to find an agreement of the opposite of love. This proved a difficult question to answer

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Mohammed A. Jawad 29/7/2016 · #11

When love exceeds nothing can stop heart to express its pulsating rage. That's the verity of true love! :)

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