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5 Royal Beauty Tactics for the Bridesmaids-to-be

5 Royal Beauty Tactics for the Bridesmaids-to-be

Being a future bridesmaid means that you will carry a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders. This is especially true if you also happen to be the maid of honor. From attending the bachelorette party to ceremony rehearsals, a bridesmaid’s schedule is a hefty one and looking like royalty on the big day can seem almost impossible given the little time you’ll have left for pampering. Lucky for you, we’ve found some beauty secrets from our favorite royals that explain how they manage to look put together despite constantly being in the public eye – something you’ll definitely need to keep beauty disasters at bay on the wedding day.

1. Princess Diana skin care secrets

The late Princess Diana was everyone’s favorite princess back in the eighties and early nineties, mostly due to her charming personality and humanitarian work. The princess was also recognized for her delicate and shy beauty. Women looked up to her and tried to emulate her iconic look which included short hair with face-framing waves, blue eyeliner, and neutral lip gloss. Although Lady D. did have a few beauty mishaps during her days in the royal family, she was also recognized for her flawless skin. Mary Greenwell who was Diana’s makeup artists has shared some of the princess’s beauty secrets. Diana was very sensible about her skin care routine Greenwell said, she always made sure to take off her makeup before going to bed. Diana also made sure to get her beauty sleep, exercised regularly, and followed a healthy diet. Now, although this might not sound like news, these simple beauty tips are something you need to keep in mind during wedding preparations. No matter how hectic your schedule may be, always make sure to take care of your skin.

2. Maria Antoinette, Queen of France, face mask

Maria Antoinette is notorious for her lavish lifestyle, gravity-defying bouffant hairdos, and her execution following the French Revolution. Although pale skin and big hair are probably not your styles, there are some things from Maria Antoinette’s beauty regimen that we can use even today. The extravagant Queen knew how impo