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Future Trends of #Microsoft .NET and .NET #WebDevelopment in 2018

Future Trends of #Microsoft .NET and .NET #WebDevelopment in 2018

Microsoft’s .NET is the most secure, robust and flexible software development framework that supports numerous libraries and programming languages. A lot of .NET software development companies are Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

It’s been almost two decades since the first beta of .NET was released and a lot has changed in the app development world since then. .NET has undergone a lot of enhancements and changes, along with innovative .net application development services. Today, as the year is coming to an end, consider unpacking the reinvented, new .NET framework and see how it could make for a better developer. The ecosystem of Microsoft is getting more and more open and platform-agnostic. With the different .NET technologies, one could virtually target any app platform and any device family, the opportunities are practically endless.


.NET is one of the best Microsoft web development frameworks that’s valued highly by developers of a dot net development company. Currently, there is a big number of individual developers and software development organizations that choose .NET as the preferred web development technology. Also, the framework is open source and has almost 15 percent market share. Exciting times lie ahead for .NET developers. Microsoft is re-positioning the platform to be written anywhere and to run anywhere, which is a huge departure from its long proprietary technologies history. Also, Microsoft is reinventing itself in a lot of ways, such as the developer tooling and how it communicates with developers in general. The more open side of Microsoft has started to win over some of the most critical developers.

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