How #Virtualreality is Emerging as Future #Technology?

How #Virtualreality is Emerging as Future #Technology?

Imagine for a moment that any distance for you has lost its insuperability, any desires have been instantly executed, and all the beauties of the world have become available by simply pressing a button or two. Wherever we stick, restrictions are imposed on us: legs hurt after long walking, fear of heights, lack of money for a ticket to anywhere in the world, and a sofa has a powerful gravitational field. Yes, if we lived in utopia or were extremely rich, life would be simpler, but it would take many years to achieve this. Fortunately, omnipotence has a simpler recipe: virtual reality.

The idea of virtual reality exists for many years, but only in the last few years the world has come so close to this border that it is about to be felt. The very term "virtual reality" came into use only in 1985, thirty years ago. The first technical implementation of the device, which, according to the plan of developer Ivan Sutherland, was to immerse people in a fictional world, was released in 1968. Due to the huge size and side effects, it was called the "Damocles sword", and this idea has exhausted itself. However, once even Bill Gates believed that 640 kilobytes should be enough for everyone.

It was the period until 2000 that was deposited in the minds of people as a "history of the development of virtual reality." That's why today no one is surprised by a helmet and virtual simulators, and that's why skeptics shrug their shoulders and say that "all these things already existed". There is an elusive feeling in the air, that virtual reality has been with us for a long time and did not go anywhere. Luckily, there are fans in this world who break templates.

The hero of our time is younger than many of us. At the age of fifteen, Palmer Lucky became the owner of the world's largest collection of headsets with displays, worn on the head, thanks to his hobby. At the age of sixteen, he assembled the first working prototype in his garage. In August 2012, the campaign launched at Kickstarter already raises 250,000 dollars in just a few hours. In March 2014, Oculus VR buys was bought by Facebook for $ 2 billion. Today, the 21-year-old founder of the company has become almost an icon of the younger generation of gamers, as well as one of the main evangelists of the "second wave" of virtual reality. What is the secret of his success?

Much more interesting is how this device works and what is so magical in it that during the previous 50 years no one was able to create the same. The process of penetration in virtual reality is very simple. You put a helmet on your head, sit comfortably, connect to an external source of entertainment (computer, of course) and sink. Now it can be tested only with one of the development kits, but Oculus actively prepares everyone from game manufacturers to ordinary users to the start of sales. Opened platform for developers is one of the advantages of Oculus. At the start, you will immediately have something to play.

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