#Frontend #Development With #AngularJS

#Frontend #Development With #AngularJS

Front-end development is basically a mix of HTML, CSS and Javascript used to create websites or web apps that allow users to have direct interaction. Users grasp more information when they do not face hassles of slow pages and poor interfaces. The aim of front-end developers is to create a website that loads in the blink of an eye after a user types in the URL and presses enter. The website should further impress the user with its brilliant layout, well-constructed pages and impressive visuals.

Now arises a question which is the best, trouble-free framework among Backbone javascript, Angular.js and Ember javascript to develop a website that paves the way for users to clearly read and understand information on the web. Well, Angular.js, since it came into existence, has gained immense popularity over other frameworks due to its unique and innovative features.

Following factors make Angular.js  the best fit for front-end development:

Two-way data binding

Websites and apps developed using Angular.js do not require developers to write complicated codes for synchronization of data between the model and view components. Angular.js implements data-binding in such a manner that the underlying data model immediately reflects the changes made in user interface.

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