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#Laravel - A Ruling #PHP #WebDevelopment #Frameworks

#Laravel - A Ruling #PHP #WebDevelopment #Frameworks

PHP is ruling the web development like a boss. PHP is a well-known technology used for the website and web application development. Its the most used technology among various available technologies due to its great features in it. It has various frameworks available in the market. Which makes it difficult to choose a single framework for web development. Laravel is assumed to be used most at the present time. In this article, we will discuss what makes Laravel more popular than others.

Firstly let’s see what is Laravel?

Basically, Laravel is an open source PHP web framework used to develop web applications using its MVC architecture. Released firstly in 2011, Laravel is improved many times and its various versions were released. Its recent new stable version was released in 2017. In a very short time of period, Laravel has achieved a huge community with it due to its fascinating features. Even in 2015, it was declared as the most popular framework of PHP.

What Makes Laravel the best for web development?

  • MVC Architecture of Laravel: The MVC architecture in Laravel makes it simple to write a clean and modular coding which helps in the easy and fast documentation. MVC architecture offers a number of features to make development more reliable.

  • Has inbuilt authentication system:  Authentication of a person is necessary for an application to prevent the unauthorized person to use it. With Laravel, it becomes easy to make the authentication in an application. Laravel provides the simple ways to add authentication to using various logics and control access to the resources.

  • Allows database migration: It is easy to use and migrate databases with Laravel. Currently, there are 4 databases with which the Laravel can be used. Laravel makes it easy to work with the databases through it.

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