Maria Kot in mobile app development, web development, mobile app Mar 10, 2020 · 1 min read · ~100

Benefits of white label software

White labeling for software is a common business practice when the software is produced and sold by one company to another, which can use it under its own brand name. 

White-labeled software doesn't have the name of the original developer, it goes to the market with the name and branding of the reseller, to whom the software was sold.

The topic of white label software is still essential for any business, which implements actively IT technologies for increasing sales revenue. Such service will be always in demand, as white label solutions provide so many benefits:

· Time to the market is substantially reduced;

· Cost for the end-product is substantially reduced;

· Initial company scaling;

· Selling under your own brand and so on.

The integration of white label solutions into business processes can open new horizons for a company and bring absolutely new business opportunities. For example, a product company can significantly increase sales by introducing to its customers such a service as white label application customization.

Customization allows to apply own branding, add some specific functions, provide any necessary customization with external software, meaning that a company has an ability to create a unique experience for each client for a shorter period of time and at a reasonable price. BZW, a client gets a stable software, which is already tested for bugs and discrepancy, and constant well-adjusted support.

Benefits of white label software