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Cold-Hand Syndrome. Workers who only use one hand in front of a computer


Someone entrusts you the task of building a brick wall, basically:

1. You hold a brick in one hand and the other holds a pointed trowel to apply mortar

2. Once you place the first brick, the idle hand can now grab a second brick while the other applies a new layer of mortar

3. And now you can place the second brick

Logical and quite simple, right?

Now please sit in front of a computer and do some usual tasks of your daily job. After a few minutes, where is your left hand? If you are not typing on the keyboard, are you using that hand or remains inactive?Cold-Hand Syndrome. Workers who only use one hand in front of a computer

Yeah, I know you DO use it, but what about YOU?

There is a huge lack of usage of the cold hand of the workers, who are building brick walls with just one hand and obviously employ twice as much time in performing their tasks.


New software tends to facilitate the handling of computer tools and web browsing just by clicking the mouse. This is great and it makes it easier for us to handle IT tools even though we are not skilled. But this aid also shows non-yielding gaps, and these gaps usually remain undetected. Have a look please.


Select a 5,000-line MS Excel table.

- By clicking your mouse and a cold hand: it takes more than fifteen seconds to reach the 5,000th row

- Two-handed, typing de Ctrl+Shift+Key arrows: A second

Taylorism would tell us that, we have spent many more hours building the wall, instead of one hour.

I was thinking of another example about minimizing-maximizing windows not using Alt+Tab…but I guess we can skip it since it is crystal clear.


I have spent years watching how the seconds run away in simple tasks (seconds, minutes, hours, whole workdays if we gather them all) in front of a computer.

Throughout the day the mouse pointer travels a few kilometers (there are applications out there that measure it, seriously!) and this unavoidably leads to unproductive work time that gradually undermine the productivity of the work force.

Corporations put into operation more powerful servers and faster Networks but do not train the staff in hotkeys (beyond F5 to reload a website…). And this unproductive time means a cost