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Sustainable Sport Management

Sustainable Sport Management D&K Negócios, Intermediação e Consultoria Ltda. - MD Networking is a company from a Sustainable Business Project designed by Comendadora Marisa Fonseca Diniz, a graduate in business administration, a specialist in management, business and sustainability, that in association with professional graduate and specialist in engineering and sports management , developing sustainable sports projects worldwide. 

The company was formed to attend worldwide clubs, federations, confederations and sports franchises developing sustainable projects linked exclusively to the development of the sport, allowing all related areas to benefit, be they economic, social and cultural. The community around sports clubs can benefit from projects that address not only the needs of clubs and their athletes, but also the entire local community with projects that address their social and environmental needs, and these are just a few of the projects developed by    D&K Negócios (Business).

The company also aims to help sports clubs register projects in the system to encourage sports, culture and sustainability, as well as collaborate in the elaboration and idealization of sustainable sports, cultural, social and business projects. Among other activities, the company brokered the closing of negotiations and the execution of sports support, leading to the management of sponsors, collaborators and supporters. D&K Negócios is also responsible for promoting and participating in sports events, lectures, workshops, telecommunications network, causes and participation in national and international territory that involve the development of sports, the local community and the environment.

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