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This bloke called me a C...

This bloke

Yes, a bloke did indeed call me the C-word. Mark, he said you are a C.... , you are a complete wanker. This happened in the street, on the way to work just as I was arriving. Do you think this is Ok?

Interesting bloke this bloke. Sexually abused as a child , alcohol dependent and homeless. No job,Mid-forties, children he can't see , very unhappy I'd suggest.However , he was smiling and, to a degree happy in his stupor

This bloke called me a C...

Is it OK?

Well, I cut the guy a bit of slack. Given his life experience, the fact he could just about stand up straight due to having downed 4-6 8.5% cans of white cider and, of course, his life experience.He told me all these things.

Then this other bloke said to me, Mark that's not OK. Just because he has those issues doesn't excuse that sort of behavior.It's unacceptable, he needs to take responsibility for his actions and behaviour , it's not OK. I drink, he said. I don't go around behaving like that, I drink properly.This bloke, on the other hand,  isn't homeless, sees his children, has a job, a car and happy I'd suggest. However, he seemed quite unhappy, angry, resentful and quite miserable actually.</