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This bloke called me a C...

This bloke

Yes, a bloke did indeed call me the C-word. Mark, he said you are a C.... , you are a complete wanker. This happened in the street, on the way to work just as I was arriving. Do you think this is Ok?

Interesting bloke this bloke. Sexually abused as a child , alcohol dependent and homeless. No job,Mid-forties, children he can't see , very unhappy I'd suggest.However , he was smiling and, to a degree happy in his stupor

This bloke called me a C...

Is it OK?

Well, I cut the guy a bit of slack. Given his life experience, the fact he could just about stand up straight due to having downed 4-6 8.5% cans of white cider and, of course, his life experience.He told me all these things.

Then this other bloke said to me, Mark that's not OK. Just because he has those issues doesn't excuse that sort of behavior.It's unacceptable, he needs to take responsibility for his actions and behaviour , it's not OK. I drink, he said. I don't go around behaving like that, I drink properly.This bloke, on the other hand,  isn't homeless, sees his children, has a job, a car and happy I'd suggest. However, he seemed quite unhappy, angry, resentful and quite miserable actually.

This bloke called me a C...

Funny old game isn't it ?

Mark Anthony 17/11/2016 · #4

Julie, I have made a choice to work in a field whereby I know that people will take their frustrations out on me. It comes with the territory. It is never personal and is an indication of something else. Thanks for reading and commenting

Mark Anthony 17/11/2016 · #3

Indeed, Harvey, this is something commonly used to " bait and switch the focus" I try not to take the bait and use a range of methods to assist the individual to refocus both individually and in a group context. Thanks for reading and commenting. Always good to hear from you

Harvey Lloyd 17/11/2016 · #2

Self expression used to be guided in the context of the social group, supportive. It appears today that this process has centered on the individual. I am not sure when this process inverted, but it appears that destructive language towards other humans is somehow suppose to be therapeutic for the individual.

I don't refer to opposing discourse but rather the character assassination as a way to bait and switch the focus. We tend to ignore this issue as we don't want to be insensitive or maybe this is our effort at tolerance. None-the-less it is a growing method of conversation that distracts, refocuses debate and challenges progress through discourse.

Julie Hickman 17/11/2016 · #1

No, it's never okay to take your frustrations out on others. No matter how long you rationalize that kind of behavior it never validates it. As always the hard work of rising above it all falls on the bigger, better person.