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To beBee or not to beBee

To beBee or not to beBeeFirstly, let me just say, I have no training on how to write, what special techniques one needs to get "more noticed", stand out or anything like that! I pretty much write how I write. And, any correct grammar, rules, or whatever there are to identify writers who really know how to write, if I am using them, have been purely self taught , learnt and improved in my adult hood not from a course, schooling or anything like that just, trial and error.When I say course or school I mean no course on writing, english and the like. However, there are things I want to write, express and share, discuss , debate and learn, fiction and fact  both being interesting

First and initial impressions can be misleading

Back in 2012 I discovered a site called LinkedIn. I was actually looking for work at the time and LinkedIn suggests it can assist with this. Anyway,I didn't find work through LinkedIn but I discovered an amazing community of writers which caught my attention. One writer , and group, in particular stood out,it was a writers group . Ooh , I thought , perhaps I can learn something here? I asked to join this group but couldn't because I didn't meet the criteria laid out in the group rules ,which I hadn't actually read. This was an interesting experience as I had emailed one off the groups administrators , told him a little about myself and kind of reached out,disclosing a bit about myself and was somewhat frustrated with the response. what an ass , I thought. And, having read the odd comment here and there, I also began to think this guy was a critical, egotistical , judgemental and, to be honest,not very nice person . ( yes I am aware that it sounds like I'm the one who was being all the aforementioned  , I was. ) This was based on the minimum of info and although I had followed a few discussions , commented a bit here and there , I hadn't really read a lot of this guys stuff. It was, one might say , a "knee jerk" reaction , albeit mentally. Nonetheless , I was put off. To me what I was choosing to see was criticism, pedantic comments about grammar ,spelling and so on, not all from this individual by the way. I thought , nah this is not for me, this is not what I'm looking for, not that I knew exactly what I was looking for in the first place. Now, I have enough self awareness to know that this knee jerk reaction needed further exploration ,after all it was based on minimal info and not necessarily true . I might have initial thoughts and feelings but it doesn't mean I act on them . Anyway I continued to follow this particular writer , read some posts and got to know a bit more about this guy. Turns out , he is someone I follow today , have learnt quite a bit, and, from what I know of him , have respect for him. Still didn't change my thoughts about that site though, I wasn't looking for somewhere to write about management techniques , strategies and the like , I do enough of that at work.Thats not to say I won't ever write about these things, who knows?

Seek and you shall find

Then I discovered beBee! There is certainly something different about this site and I have come into contact with a wide range of writers, writing about various things. In fact, my first writing on social media was here, at beBee. There is something about the feel of beBee that makes it stand out. I can't quite put my finger on it, maybe it's the whole "Affinity" thing, I don't know. So, this is why I choose to write on beBee. Further more, I am open to learning and improving my writing, that is one of the reasons  I'm here, I think. I must say thank you to beBee and all the writers that have inspired me to be here. 

Mark Anthony 28/9/2016 · #63

Wow, that sounds like my kind of thing. And, from what I know of these terms this would indicate that one does not allow ones self to be restricted in ones writing by "spurious prohibition" linked , I believe, to thinking the english language should bend to the rules of Latin Grammar which , in turn, can restrict the "glorious flexibility of the English language". @Phil Friedman, your style and the terms you use, once I work out what they mean, fill me with excitement, enthusiasm and great interest. #62

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Phil Friedman 28/9/2016 · #62

#61 I try to write in the way I speak. With all the sentence fragments, initial conjunctions, and terminal prepositions. But That does not mean you should dumb down your writing, because that is to be condescending to your readers. Just be authentically yourself.

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Mark Anthony 28/9/2016 · #61

That is so encouraging @Phil Friedman. I have been accused of talking before thinking at times. I certainly want to write what I am thinking and I think a lot. Thanks#60

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Phil Friedman 28/9/2016 · #60

#50 Mark, substance trumps form every time. And thinking before writing. IMHO.

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Dale Masters 28/9/2016 · #59

#4 ALL humans are self-similar at their core! Thank you, @Mark Anthony!

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Mark Anthony 28/9/2016 · #58

Thankyou for your comments Lisa . I watched one of your videos ( the one with you in your pyjamas , your second vid I think ) And , it does add something and it certainly made me feel different about you compared to some of the ideas in my head beforehand ! #15

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Mark Anthony 28/9/2016 · #57

Hi @Andrew Goldman, just felt I should add I have a lot of respect for LinkedIn , have learnt lots , think it's a great resource and have promoted it as such. It just isn't what I'm looking for in terms of my writing . Ultimately it too has been a significant part of my social media journey ! #54

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Nan Einarson 28/9/2016 · #56

#49 - Thanks, Mark, for your great attitude. Yes, please keep on writing! I'll look forward to your posts.

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