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Advice From A New Blogger

Advice From A New Blogger

I was sitting at a computer in the library thinking about what to write in my blog. Nothing comes to mind. What do you do?

I went back and read my old blog posts to see if there was a pattern emerging. I’m new at blogging so there are only a few posts.

So far they include networking, different kinds of intelligence, a couple of road trips, and things that happen during the week. There doesn’t seem to be much of a pattern.

Then I go to my Facebook account to see what I’ve been posting online. I see pictures and video’s I think are cool, articles about the environment and the pipeline the tribe that adopted me is fighting not to go through, and a few articles on business and technology.

Advice From A New Blogger

What I’ve been writing in my blog and posting online seems to be all over the map. There doesn’t seem to be much of a pattern. Then I realize I write and post what I think is interesting.

That’s the pattern.

So what’s my advice?

Write about something you have to say.

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Mohammed A. Jawad Oct 7, 2016 · #1

Yep. ...write something that's bitter truth, showing sheer paradoxical happenings, and leave a lesson to readers that they may get inspired.