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Friends With Nature

Friends With Nature

I had errands to run this morning and didn’t make it to the college library until the afternoon. I started reading newsletters and visiting news sites on the web to find something interesting to write about. Blogging as a hobby gets gives me a reason to get out of the house.

While I was internet surfing I saw a video on Facebook of a guy who helped a baby deer that fell down a basement stairwell outside his house and gave it back to the mother. I posted it on my own timeline with the title “This guy made a friend for life”

I took a break and went for a walk around the campus. I started thinking there’s not a lot I can do about what’s going on in the world today. Nobody knows if Mr. Trump will be a good president. Climate change experts say his plans are a bad idea.

I can’t do anything about my friends at Standing Rock. I don’t know how long they’ll be out there. No one knows if they’ll win, come to some kind of terms with the people who want the pipeline, or all end up going to jail for doing what they think is right.

My hat is off to anyone in politics, or stands up for themselves, or just does a job I won’t do!

All people have any control over is what they say and do. You make a choice to be polite or lend a helping hand. Does it really matter in the long run, I Don’t Know.

It looks like it mattered to this mother deer and her fawn when someone helped them!

Friends With Nature

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Lisa Gallagher 16/11/2016 · #1

Beautiful story with a great message @Mark Blevins, we all have choices. We can choose to be selfish or extend a hand, I choose the latter!!