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Good Morning America How Are Ya!

Good Morning America How Are Ya!

I woke up this morning and found out Mr. Trump got elected President. There’s all kinds of articles about him on the internet. Pretty much reactions.

They talk about:

· A broken system

· Media manipulation

· Wondering what’s next

· The German Chancellor even gave him a warning

I think what they are all saying is true, also think there is a bigger picture to look at.

The country is coming out of a recession, there are some major problems in the Middle East, and with our allies in the EU. There are lots of hard decisions that have to be made and no one in politics wants to ruin his or her career.

This whole campaign has painted Trump as spoiled rich brat, a racist, womanizer, and all around asshole. Now he’s the next one to be President of the country. I think he’s there to take the blame for everything going wrong.

Good Morning America How Are Ya!

Mr. Trump Is The Fall Guy For A Failing System That’s Past Due To Break

I think the reason he got elected is because people need to point the finger at someone and say “There’s The Bad Guy”

So they found someone to call THE DEVIL THEY KNOW

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