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Keep Calm And Don't Kill Annoying People

Keep Calm And Don't Kill Annoying People

I was reading an article in a newsletter this morning about a guy who found a family of skunks had made themselves a home in his back yard under a storage shed he used almost every day. He was afraid of spraying him and his shed.

When he called pest control people the ones who talked to him said they didn’t do skunks or they just didn’t call back. One company said they would remove them. The charge was $250 each with no guarantee they wouldn’t spray his property.

At first he was scared to get sprayed, then he was angry they moved in to his back yard. He finally realized they were just animals who liked his back yard. He started talking to his neighbors about them. Someone told him how to make his yard less attractive to them.

When he followed his neighbor’s advice they left on their own in less than a week.

It started making me think of plenty of times I didn’t know why people I thought were annoying kept showing up and bothering me in some way or would just look for something to gossip about.

I realize now I’ve been going about trying to away from them all wrong! All I have to do is figure out how to get them to not want to be around.

Keep Calm And Don't Kill Annoying People

Written by Mark Blevins

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Jared J. Wiese 15/11/2016 · #1

Great story, Mark.
I learned in business a long time ago that if people keep coming over to talk and hang, you can simply get up right away and start heading anywhere, like the bathroom if they keep following you. Maybe then, the bathroom becomes the unattractive back yard, to your story ;)