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Learning Something Important

Learning Something Important

The library at the college is distracting today. People are talking in the computer area and at the work and tutoring tables. I hear something about mid-terms.

One guy is changing his major and tells someone he got hurt during baseball practice. He might be out of sports the rest of the year.

Someone else talks about wanting to get a degree in an engineering field because they have the most interesting jobs.

I stop surfing the internet and go to a table to think about something to write about. I’ve been trying to write something in my blog every day instead of a couple times a week.

A student is giving a PowerPoint presentation. She’s talking about airlines catering more to first class passengers than they used to and giving a slideshow.

Everyone seems busier than usual!

A couple people were talking about things that seemed trivial while I was at the computers. I asked them to dial it down because I didn’t want to know their business. I realize now I shouldn’t have done that. They were talking about something important to them.

I guess that’s what people mean by “Live And Learn”

You Probably Do Learn More By Figuring Things Out Than Being Taught!

Learning Something Important

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