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On Current Events

On Current Events

I had lots of things to do this morning so I got up early to stretch out. The foxes that have been running around the neighborhood are gone. I don’t know if someone decided to call animal control or they are just holding up in some farmer’s field or orchard. I miss those guys!

Hope everyone who reads my blog had a good Thanksgiving. One of my cousins had a big dinner at her house. Since I didn’t feel like going anywhere I just cooked a turkey. It wasn’t much of a dinner, but it was something. Most of the left overs are gone.

I got to the college after 1 p.m. and went online for to see if there was something interesting to write about. It looks like my Lakota Friends at the pipeline have been told to leave. Since this is a non-violent protest and what I know about fighting involves shooting back, I don’t know how to help them. My hat is off to the Lakota. I know I wouldn’t go out there just to get f*cked with!

I Hope They Know What They’re Doing!

There is also a lot of chatter on the internet about Mr. Trump making decisions a lot of people don’t like. Like that’s a big surprise! I knew he got elected to make decisions that would end someone in politics careers. My guess is he’s going to piss a lot of people off, not do anything too stupid, then go back to his billion-dollar company.

Well Hopefully He Doesn’t Do Anything Too Stupid!

Well whatever you think about what’s going on with the Pipeline, Mr. Trump, or anything else going on in current events, remember to dig for your own information.


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