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Remember Whats Important

Remember Whats Important

There’s a lot to think about this week. No matter who you voted for by mail or will vote for tomorrow, there is going to be a new president next year. I guess all anyone can do is use whatever influence you have and then just let things happen.

I hope everyone votes. At least if you don’t want in office gets in you can say you didn’t vote for them!

With the country coming out of a recession and what’s going on overseas whoever gets in office is going to have hard choices to make. I hope he or she knows what they’re getting into. I know I wouldn’t want the job.

My Lakota Friends are holding hearings to figure out if the pipeline reroute to keep Bismarck’s water safe is enough for them to stop protesting. Maybe things will get back to normal. I hope they can all go home soon!

Remember Whats Important

It’s like the Arctic in North Dakota in Winter.

With all the bad press the Election has had, the arrests at the Pipeline Protest, and the problems Overseas I hope people remember something.

It’s Almost Christmas.

You know the time where you go to church to keep your mom happy even if you’re not religious, and put up with those relatives you don’t get along with because they’re family.

Well no matter what your religious views are or whether or not you buy into Peace On Earth, I hope everyone Happy Holidays with lots of extra food, and football!!

Remember Whats Important

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