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Shock Media

Shock Media

I was reading a newsletter in my email this morning. They have articles on the environment I like to re-post.

Today half the articles had phrases that I can compare to Howard Stern’s Shock Radio Show.

One of the articles had “Crimes Against Humanity” in the title another one was about a company’s poor business practices. A couple more were one sided political rants.

I’m not about censoring, I just think if people put something online it shouldn’t be about someone else’s dirty laundry. What happens when it’s them who’s next?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve posted things to make fun of a certain political candidate, but nothing deliberately disrespectful.

I thought, “This is too much!” So I clicked the reply button and sent them an email. I told them I wouldn’t re-post an article with all that mudslinging.

I don’t know if anyone actually reads emails that get to a company with a huge mailing list. I just know I sent it out.

Shock Media

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