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Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn

Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn

I was reading an email from blogmutt. It was about blogging tools. Since I like blogging and will probably keep writing in my spare time when I start getting busy in college next semester I thought it would be good to sign up for a couple newsletters. The article included Wordpress and Chimpmail plus ten online tools I never heard of.

When I registered for classes the other day I found out the pre-calculus class I needed was replaced by two classes- the first one is trig. The intro to computers class helps you decide if you want to go into programming or graphic design.

It re-enforced something I found out when I got hurt on the boat in Alaska and couldn’t do labor jobs for more than three or four days. (I kept getting cut because I couldn’t keep up with the other workers)

There’s A Lot I Don’t Know! I read somewhere everything changes. If people don’t keep up with change, they get left behind. I don’t know who I’m quoting, I think it was in a newsletter. Maybe Positively Positive. I just keep moving.

There’s been a lot of reaction with Mr. Trump winning the election. I even saw a picture of him in Roman armor on a chariot holding up Hilary’s head-looking like Medusa-in victory. I wouldn’t worry too much. I think it was Emerson who wrote

For Whom The Gods Wish To Destroy They First Give Victory

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