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Starting Over Again

Starting Over Again

It's been a while since I wrote anything in my blog. I've been busy getting used to my new job. It's not a lot of heavy lifting or double shifts like up in Alaska-but it's still work. 

Since they hired me as a private contractor and I filled out an I-9 form I went to the IRS and got a link to a publication that to see if I have to file estimated income. It's kind of confusing, I'll probably go back and make an appointment.

I also moved out of the dorm I was in and am renting a room in a house. It's kind of far out so I'm going to look for a new place. 

I was staying at a dorm with Compass Housing Alliance and when I got to this place I found out it's a group home a lot of people on rehab are in and there were house rules. I told them I didn't like some of the rules, but I'd follow them and find another place to live.

 It's really not so bad there-at least not compared to some of the rat holes I held up in when I was working as a contractor for the military.

The place I'm at is a nice house in a good neighborhood. It will do for now. I think it's a good in between spot.

When I got downtown and logged on at the library I tried to log into my LinkedIn account without success. I thought they booted me off their platform again. I wondered why because I haven't posted anything real political since my Lakota Friends had their protest at Standing Rock.

Getting booted off the  the LinkedIn platform got me noticed as a blogger and more people reading what I was writing. I think  I wrote a blog post about it. I wasn't just some guy with a blog any more, and maybe getting kicked off their platform again would get the attention of even more people.

After a few minutes I tried again using my new password. This time it was just operator error.

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Welcome Back again Mark.

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