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Thank You Linkedin

Thank You Linkedin

I was talking to my brother last night. I asked him if he checked out my blog yet. When I told him Linkedin restricted my account because published a couple posts on their platform about the Pipeline Protest and my Lakota Friends at Standing Rock he asked me why. I told him they were probably too political for the people at Linkedin. It’s a site where business people network.

The truth is before Linkedin booted me off their publishing platform, I was just Joe Blow who started a new blog. Only a few people read my posts. Now hundreds of people have read my articles and have even commented on them. Even the posts that aren’t about the protest.

When I try to log on to Linkedin, this is the message I get:

Sorry, your account has been restricted due to suspicious behavior that violates our User Agreement. If you think this might have been an error, please follow these instructions.

Well the guys at Linkedin with their restricting my account did me a favor. So I’d like to say Thank You to whoever got me kicked off their platform!! That’s what got people to notice me.

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Gordon Pye 6/11/2016 · #3

I was electronically excommunicated from LinkedIn long ago after I seriously challenged the Corporate Illusion alleged highly educated executives continue to attempt to portray despite the rise of freedom of information via social media these days However I have the gut feeling that widespread local support for the Dakota Pipeline Protest is primarily driven by feat of losing their vital Rail and Road infrastructure not ancestors graves. Back in the 1990s they put a 2ft Gas Pipeline from the UK Lake District ( Through my native Ribble Valley ) down into West Yorkshire, the pipeline was put under the rivers in a tunnel with no water contamination whatsoever,. and now its impossible to tell that its even there !

Long experience has minded me to conclude that Green NGOs and their army of Green Tendy top celebrity musicians, film & TV stars and others who claim to be Modern Artists are actually Trojan Horses working in the interest of BIG OIL !


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Chas ✌️ Wyatt 6/11/2016 · #2

I am sure Phillips 66 and Sunoco haven't been shut-down on LI.

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Pamela 🐝 Williams 5/11/2016 · #1

Congratulations Mark! You have definitely made your mark on the world....that LinkedIn censors says everything that needs to be said. Thank you for supporting the efforts of the Lakota and bringing the dangers of that that hideous pipeline to the attention of your readers. May the elections being held in the next week finally bring an end merous projects. ur views and support here Higl lace!!! I love it. Perhaps share the same blogs here so the Bees can read.

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