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The Road To Change?

The Road To Change?

I was surfing the internet looking for articles on the environment to post. A lot of them are have gotten more about blaming people for things that have been going on since my grandparents who have both passed on were kids. They are full of the same kind of mudslinging as the last Presidential Election.

I finally found one on Solar and Wind power that is about how they are actually changing things.

Looking at these other articles I can see why Mr. Trump got elected. Everyone wants someone to blame for what is going on.

· They blame the Koch Brothers for the pipeline.

· They blame corruption in the government for a number of things like climate denial.

· They blame big corporate companies for just about everything else that’s going wrong.

There’s a lot of focus on what people and groups that are part of a system is broken because times have changed and not much about how to start fixing things.

Do I have any answers??? Well there’s not much anyone can do about what a big company does. You can decide if you’re going to recycle, or buy energy saving lights for your house or apartment. You can buy a hybrid or electric car or buy a kit to convert a gas car to run on batteries.

I also read articles about people growing their own vegetables in their yard is becoming popular. Do you own a home? You can get solar panels and get your own electricity. They also have wind power.

I don’t know why some big corporation or someone involved in politics would change if they see people doing the same old things like it’s all business as usual. That’s why I think they don’t take the public seriously!


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