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Things Get Better

Things Get Better

It rained most of the weekend. My Cousin Ralph was doing yard-work during one of the breaks in the weather. When I went out to help him I saw two pine trees that looked like dead snags because of the drought were turning green. Their roots must have soaked up gallons of water. It was a good sight to see.

Between the house burning down and getting re-built and the drought, Ralph told me the trees in the yard hadn’t gotten much water in a year. He wasn’t sure if some of them were going to have to get chopped down. He didn’t want them falling on the house or doing damage to the neighbor’s property.

I’m glad some things are tougher than they look. Hopefully Things Are Getting Better! I saw more clouds when I took a break from internet surfing here at the college. Maybe more rain is on the way.

A church group talked to me at the bus stop this morning. They reminded me it’s almost time to go to church again. I think the lady I talked to was upset when I didn’t take any of her pamphlets. I just told her it’s my mom’s religion. I go to church twice a year and read the Bible because it’s important to her, and smiled.

There are students in the college library talking about proposition on the ballot and Mr. Trump being president. I really don’t know if it’s a good idea to give people in jails an early release. I still think Trump is there to be a fall guy for politicians who don’t want to lose their jobs for making decisions that are too unpopular. He can go back to his billion-dollar company if people don’t like him, where someone in politics would have their careers finished.

Maybe I’m wrong. At least people in their 20’s have some interest in the way the country is run. I’m just going to wait and see what Mr. Trump actually does.


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