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Thoughts About the Election

Thoughts About the Election

It was election day yesterday. For what it's worth, I voted. I almost never used to vote. If I don't like what anyone running is talking about, I still don't vote. It's not that  I don't care, but it I don't have time to find out what the real issues are then thing go into a category called "Beyond My Pay-grade".

People think I'm cold and call me an asshole for thinking like that, but it works for me.

When the presidential election came around I did a write in vote for Bernie Sanders. Two days before the election I posted on Facebook that I thought both candidates were acting like idiots. As a joke I also posted if anyone else thought the same way they could write my name in on the ballot like I was doing for Sanders.

People must have actually wrote me in on their ballots because there were guys as big as gorillas wearing suits and ties following me around for a couple of months. I wonder if I would have won the vote for president if I had put my post up a couple of months earlier. 

I think I would have looked up my old drill instructors and put them on my cabinet. They would get shit done.

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Chris 🐝 Guest 8/11/2018 · #1

Good one @mark. Bernie for 2020! "feel the Bern"