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Thoughts About The Holidays

I’ve had appointments in the morning this week and got to the coffee shop late. There was a different crowd than I’m used to seeing there. A couple of workers noticed me in there at a different time than usual.

The rain has been off and on this week. That’s normal for this area. There are people walking with umbrellas that will get thrashed when the wind starts blowing. You can tell they’re not from the area. The locals wear light jackets with hoods.

Nobody tells the people with the umbrellas anything, they’ll figure it out.

Thoughts About The Holidays

There was an orientation for a temp service I used to work out of when I was waiting to catch a fishing boat to Alaska. Things have changed for the better at the Millionaire’s Club. It used to be a dive.

I went to get my food handler’s permit to work at the stadium events. They also have training to be a crew lead.

There’s a lot of work here in Seattle. Guys on the construction sites tell me there are more jobs than people to fill them right now. I’d be working one of them if I hadn’t hurt my back.

Oh well! There’s no point in focusing on what I can’t do anymore.

They ran a background check and told me there were some temp to hire jobs they have contracts for. They could put me in one. It’s only a matter of time.

When I got my food handler’s permit I started working on my license to serve alcohol. Halfway through the class I decided I really don’t want that job, so I walked out.

A couple people asked me why I wasn’t finishing the class. The truth is I don’t want that license. When they asked me why I told them I don’t want to be held responsible for what some drunk red neck does.

A lady laughed and said that was funny.