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Times Are Changing

Times Are Changing

The Student Union at the college was serving Subway sandwiches for lunch today. Since they all had cheese on them I told someone I didn’t want any. My Aunt Chata used to make me drink goat milk when I used to visit her when I was a kid so I don’t like dairy products because somewhere in the back of my mind there’s this thought that someone is going to slip me some goats milk as a joke.

My Cousin Leno gave me goats milk for my coffee once. It was horrible!

A guy at the college asked me what kind of work I used to do before I got hurt and came back to school. Building maintenance, warehouse work and commercial fishing, a lot of double-shifts was my answer.

He said he was almost 30 and knew that was all hard work. Some people look like they don’t do much, but they might have worked hard for years so they can sit around-was my reply. He told me I look busy when he sees me sitting at the computers in the library.

My grandpa taught me talk is cheap. What does this guy want from me went through my mind.

Maybe times have changed. There is a lot of chatter in the library and people walk and talk on their phones all the time now. They talk about their personal business in public places. That’s something else you didn’t want to do because no one would trust you.

The less you say, the better off you are on a fishing boat. You just do your job and go out for another season if you need more money or go home.

In a class I’m taking online there’s a whole section of lessons on making personal connections and showing empathy to improve your writing.

That’s a new concept to me, but because I’m too injured to do the work I’ve always done, it’s not a good idea to drop the class. Blogging in your spare time can turn into a money making job or even a career if you stick with it. It’s also not hard on the body!

Hey, it could happen. You never know.

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