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What To Write About

What To Write About

I’ve written a few posts on my thoughts on the Election and have commented on a few articles online about it. I’m going to stop writing about Donald Trump. Not because I’m upset that he won. I think he’s just there to be The Fall Guy for the politicians who know there are hard decisions to make and don’t want to ruin their own careers. If he doesn’t do anything too stupid they’ll let him go back to his billion-dollar company when his term is up.

The truth is, I think the wild cats and foxes that run around playing in my back yard in the early morning hours are more interesting than Mr. Trump. It’s actually funny to watch them act stupid!

I think I’ve done all I can for my Lakota Friends at Standing Rock. I won’t be writing about them anymore. It’s just going to be the same things happening there until they win or come to some kind of agreement. A lot of my friends are stubborn that way.

For anyone who wants to follow what’s happening on their own at Standing Rock, here’s the link to their newsletter:

So what am I going to write about???

Well that’s a good question. I started blogging to stay busy over the summer then came back from my road trip after classes started this semester. It was too late to play catch-up and learn at the same time, so my blog became my hobby.

I guess I’ll try to write about things that are interesting. I guess that’s the key to get someone to read what you write:

Make It Interesting

What To Write About

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