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Who To Trust

Who To Trust

Woke up early this morning to stretch out. My old physical therapy and track-and-field exercises are what keeps me going without too much pain. After a while the pain pills are useless.

After my routine I eat breakfast and read a chapter in a book. My Cousin Ralph is up early so I drink some coffee with him.

I go to the college and start internet surfing. I read some newsletters and posts from friends and people I’m following on social media to see if there’s anything interesting I want to write about. Some people might think I have a boring day but after working double shifts on fishing boats, warehouses, and construction sites for years, boring is nice.

Something catches my eye. A lady on the Bebee platform has a post on something that happened 20 years ago. It’s why she doesn’t trust a lot of men. Some people really put themselves out there! My hat is off to them.

Hey you can compare some guys to jackasses. I’ve worked for a lot of them. Instead of not trusting a lot of men or women I trust people to be who they are.

  • I trust a preacher to tell me a Bible story.
  • I trust a street hustler to try and hustle me.
  • I trust a stray dog or cat to bite me if I get too close.

Did I just compare people I don’t know to stray dogs and cats? Well, like my Brother Jason says, “If the shoe fits.”

It’s better to trust your instincts.

Who To Trust

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