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Working For Myself Again

Working For Myself Again

After lots of work going online and filling out job applications and posting resumes, and a few interviews, I started working with Rainier Foods this week. The job is part time but I won’t have to do temp jobs or stadium work unless I want to.

Having regular work and a steady income will also let me get back into some kind of routine. It’s a good idea to fill out the FAFSA paperwork to go back to collage as well. Not having any college education sand bagged me when I got injured in Alaska and wasn’t able to do the work I’d always done. It was hard to find out that I wasn’t qualified to very much s an injured laborer.

This customer service class I took let me know how much things have changed for me. Even now that I have some college classes behind me, if a guy who’s getting into a totally new kind of work doesn’t keep learning he just keeps falling behind.

The work is food production like Alaska, but everything doesn’t smell like fish. The boss knows I can’t do a lot of heavy lifting and said that would be okay. They hired me as a private contractor. On my first day they had me fill out an I-9 form and told me I had to do my own taxes. Now I’m a contractor working for myself again.

Besides going back to college, getting into a routine means I’ll be able to make time to write and draw. I might not be the best writer or artist and don’t have much education after High School, but you can always improve yourself.

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Mark, Your attitude makes my heart sing. Sic 'em.